Sanath Jayasuriya : biography

30 June 1969 -


Test Cricket – Man of the Series awards

  • In this table Ct., refers to the Catches and St. refers to the Stumping
# Series Season Series Performance Result
1 IND}} in Test Series 2000 571 (2 Matches, 3 Innings); 3–84, 2 Ct.
2 SRI}} in Test Series 2004/05 424 (2 Matches, 4 Innings); 2–47

Test Cricket – Man of the match awards

  • In this table Ct., refers to the Catches and St. refers to the Stumping
# Series Season Match Performance Result
1 IND}} in Test Series 1997 1st Innings – 340(4x36, 6x2); 3 wickets, 1 Ct.
2 IND}} in Test Series 2001 1st Innings – 111(4x16, 6x1); 2 Ct. 2nd Innings – 6* (4X1); 1 wicket Sri Lanka
3 ZIM}} in Test Series 2001/02 1st Innings – 28(4x3); 5 wickets 2nd Innings – 36 (4X6); 4 wickets, 1 Ct. Sri Lanka
4 SRI}} in Test Series 2004/05 1st Innings – 38(4x4); 1 wicket, 1 run-out 2nd Innings – 253 (4X33, 6x4) Sri Lanka

One-Day International Cricket – Man of the series awards

# Series Season Match Performance Result
1 Wills World Cup in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka 1995/96 221(6 Matches); 7–231, 5 Ct. Sri Lanka
2 Singer Cup in Singapore 1995/96 221(3 Matches); 3–115, 2 Ct. Pakistan
3 Pepsi Independence Cup in India 1997 306(5 Matches); 5–200 Sri Lanka
4 India in Sri Lanka 1997 210(3 Matches); 5–184, 1 Ct.) Sri Lanka
5 Zimbabwe in Sri Lanka 1997/98 199(3 Matches); 4–154, 1 Ct. Sri Lanka
6 Coca-Cola Champions Trophy in UAE 2000/01 413(5 Matches); 1–111, 4 Ct. Sri Lanka
7 Coca-Cola Cup in Sri Lanka 2001 305(7 Matches); 3–188, 4 Ct. Sri Lanka
8 LG Abans Triangular Series in Sri Lanka 2001/02 194(5 Matches, 5 Innings);8–167,1 Ct. Sri Lanka
9 Asia Cup in Sri Lanka 2004 293(6 Matches); 4–78, 1 Ct. Sri Lanka
10 NatWest Series(Eng, SL) in England 2006 322(5 Matches); 5–185 Sri Lanka
11 Laqshya Series in Sri Lanka 2007 53(3 Matches); 9–68 Sri Lanka

Style and international career

Batting style

Along with his opening partner Romesh Kaluwitharana, Jayasuriya revolutionized One Day International batting with his aggressive tactics during the 1996 Cricket World Cup, a strategy they first tried on the preceding tour of Australia. The tactic used was to take advantage of the early fielding restrictions by smashing the opening bowlers to all parts of the cricket ground, particularly by lofting their deliveries over the mandatory infielders, rather than the established tactic of building up momentum gradually. This was a novel but potentially match-winning tactic at that time, and Sri Lanka, who had previously never made it out of the preliminary rounds, went on to win the World Cup without a single defeat. Their new gameplan is now the standard opening batting strategy in limited overs cricket for the modern era. Glenn McGrath cited Jayasuriya in his XI of toughest batsmen, noting "it is always a massive compliment to someone to say they changed the game, and his storming innings in the 1996 World Cup changed everyone's thinking about how to start innings."

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