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July 30, 1956 -

Laura Guadalupe Zapata Miranda () (born on 30 July 1956) is a Mexican telenovela actress. She has acted in Televisa productions most of her life.


In September 2002, Laura and her sister Ernestina were kidnapped and taken to an unspecified location. The news of their kidnapping made headlines across Latin America and among the Spanish-speaking television channels of the United States. Thalía is married to billionaire Tommy Mottola, so it was speculated that their captors would ask for a large sum of money. Instead, Laura was released 18 days after her kidnapping, and her sister Ernestina was released on the 34th day.


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Laura is the daughter of Guillermo Zapata Pérez de Utrera (a Mexican boxer, model and businessman) and Yolanda Miranda Mange (from her first marriage) and part of the Sodi family. She married Juan Eduardo Sodi de la Tijera.

Zapata is the half-sister of singer Thalía and Ernestina Sodi, a well-known writer, and biographer.

Her sons are Claudio Sodi and Patricio Sodi.

Laura and Thalía were the first ones of the family to gain international fame by acting and singing. In Maria Mercedes, one of Thalía’s first soap operas, Laura played a villain opposite her sister. In the world of telenovelas, she is as well-known known for her protagonist roles as for her roles as antagonist.

Zapata is also a singer and dancer.


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