Ivan Vladislav of Bulgaria : biography

- 1018

Ivan Vladislav Point on Rugged Island in the South Shetland Islands, Antarctica is named after Ivan Vladislav of Bulgaria.L.L. Ivanov. SCAR Composite Gazetteer of Antarctica


By his wife Maria, Ivan Vladislav had several children.Kazhdan, p. 1 Maria was named zoste patrikia by Basil II, and the descendants of Ivan Vladislav entered Byzantine service, becoming part of the Byzantine nobility and forming close ties with the Komnenos clan in particular. Some of them rose to prominence, including Catherine and Anna who both became Byzantine empresses. His second son Alusian took part of the Uprising of Petar Delyan against Byzantine rule but eventually betrayed the Bulgarian cause.

Family tree of Ivan VladislavRunciman, pp. 226, 232–233, 250Zlatarski,

Comita Nikola   Ripsimia
David Moses Aron Samuel(reign 997–1014) Agathadaughter of John Chryselios
    Gavril Radomir(† 1015, reign 1014-1015) Theodora Kosara Miroslava
  Maria Ivan Vladislav(reign 1015–1018)
  Alusian   Aron   Radomir Catherinewife of Isaac I Komnenos
Presianreign (1018)     Trayan Unknown son 5 unknowndaughters
Annafirst wife ofRomanos IV Diogenes Basil Theodore Mariawife of Andronikos Doukas Manuel Maria
  Samuelcommander in Armenia Radomir    
Constantine Diogeneshusband of Theodora Komnene,the sister of Alexios I Komnenos   Aaron Aaroniosconspired against Alexios I Komnenos in 1107   Irene Doukainawife of Alexios I Komnenos Theodora John Doukasmegas doux
  Annawife of George Palaiologos Michael Doukasprotostrator
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