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05 April 1967 -

Anu Garg (born April 5, 1967) is an Indian-American author and speaker. He is also founder of, an online community comprising word lovers from an estimated 200 countries. His books explore the joy of words. He has authored several books about language-related issues for magazines and newspapers. He is a columnist for MSN Encarta and Kahani magazine.


Garg was born in rural India. His schooling took place under a mango tree, his classroom consisting of a few broken sticks of chalk and a blackboard made by painting a flat piece of wood with soot. The only language he knew was Hindi, and he did not see a library until college. Garg graduated from Harcourt Butler Technological Institute in Computer Science in 1988. He lives in the Seattle area with his wife, Stuti and daughter, Ananya. Garg became a naturalized US citizen in 2008. He is a vegan.


He started his career from United States to receive graduate studies in Computer Science at Case Western Reserve University, and then worked as a computer scientist at AT&T and other corporations. He founded in 1994, during his graduate work. In 2010, the number of subscribers to's "A Word A Day" email list reached one million.

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