Healthy in spite of all the circumstances. Winston Churchill.

The British prime minister, who hardly put out a cigar off his mouth, Winston Churchill, lived to a venerable age. However during all his life, people surrounding him, made hints that addiction to cigars could bring him to his grave before the time came. The answers for those exhortationswere often the remarks that could be added to armouries of all the chain-smokers.

Winston Churchill, who was a chain-smoker and also fond of having a drink at his spare time, would always thought with irony about the followers of healthy life-style, bragging of their robust health. The prime minister, who was notable for his exceptional intuition, appeared to be right in relation of that question. In spite of his bad habits he lived till ninety.

Once after the tour of inspection to the disposition of British army, the prime minister offered field marshal Montgomery to have a cigar and drink some whisky. The answer was a polite refusal, Montgomery explained that he never smoked or drank alcohol, and felt that he was healthy for 100 percent.

- Which means that if I drink alcohol and smoke, I’m healthy for 200 percent!–Reasonably answered Churchill. And the photograph, who was taking pictures of the prime minister, at his eightieth birthday, asked politely but not without the evident hint:

- I hope sir, that I’ll be able to take photographs of you in next year again.

- Why not? – answered the politician with a smile – I hope, you have no problems with health. However, it would be wrong to say that Winston Churchill could see no problems with his health. Once during an official event, a waiter who poured champagne, accidently poured over the head of the prime minister at his great fright. However, it was not only Churchill who was frightened, everybody at the table kept silence. And the prime minister was the first to break that silence saying:

- Young man, do you really think that is a most radical remedy for alopecia?