Everything turned out well! Henry Morgan.

Famous pirate Henry Morgan was born in a family of a landholder in Wales. However, the young man had no inclination to his father’s business, and that was the same for studies. Dreaming about sea and huge income, he started to work as a ship’s boy. The ship he was working at was going to Barbados. As soon as the crew arrived to Barbados, the young dreamer was sold as a slave. It was only thanks to Morgan’s strong health and patience that helped him get out of the slavery yoke. Later he joined a pirate crew. Soon the young man showed good knack and soon became the commander of a huge flotilla of ships, which attacked Spanish “golden caravans” and cities on coasts. Legends about bloodthirstiness of pirates, who, as people said, butchered all the citizens of those cities, were mostly true. However there happened absolutely incredible stories of opposite view, the truth of which was proved with documents.

In December of 1670 a few ships of Morgan’s flotilla lay siege to a Spanish fort at island Providencia. The entrance to the harbor was protected with strong coastal fortification with cannons of different calibers and muskets. The ships of the filibusters come close to the coast and started furious fire in the fort’s direction. And the fort, naturally, started answering fire. Smoke puffed over the sea and the hellish rumble deafened. Abrupt woofs of muskets were heard in gaps between the cannon volleys. It was just horrible! Finally the pirates lowered their boats and put ashore the troops. Under the fire of the fort protectors, the pirates managed to approach the walls and captured the city very fast. And they did it with no loss in killed. It was strange but forces on the other side didn’t lose people either. Even the walls of the fort were undamaged!

The event seemed to be a fairy tale, but documents prove that it was true. In addition to that the pirates behaved quite decently. Having taken away all the gold, they didn’t grab the city. The secret was revealed by the letter, sent by the governor directly to Morgan not long before the pirates started assault. Here is the text, remained by the archives of Spanish history:

“Merciful Sire! I found out that you have plans to attack island Providencia, entrusted to me, with serious forces. Unfortunately, I have no abilities to protect the city from such a flotilla. However, I’d like to ask you to help me and or help and save the lives oа my soldiers and citizens. It’s no use to have loss for you and for me that is why I suggest using blank warheads, in our both interest.”

That was the way the Spanish governor managed to avoid the pirates’ attacks and maintain his reputation. However, he didn’t manage to hold tears while he was giving away his sword to Morgan. Wishing to calm him down, Morgan mumbled:

- Why governor, don’t cry, it turned out well!