Confidential information. Winston Churchill.

Being a genius politician of the 20th century, Winston Churchill was also known as an uncommonly witty joker. He could hardly suppress his nature even at the famous Yalta conference, during which The United Kingdom, USSR and the USA were meant to separate their spheres of influence. Exchanging written notes with his henchman, Anthony Eden, during the negotiations, Winston Churchill seriously puzzled the Soviet codebreakers. But the “box” was easy to “open”.

The Yalta conference is still supposed to be a very important event, which seriously influenced on the following events moving. One can hardly argue against that fact, because during that February week Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill, being positive in their definitive victory over the Nazi Germany, almost agreed about post-war international order. Although, there was the other side of the coin, there happened a curious case during the negotiations. All thanks to Winston Churchill, as usual.

During one of the meetings, the British minister for foreign affairs, Anthony Eden, made a written note and passed that to Winston Churchill. As the prime minister read the note, he burnt it, and then wrote a note for Eden. The minister for foreign affairs read the note and then tore it into pieces and threw away in a trash.

Of course the agents of the government security could not leave the note without attention. Putting together the parts of the note, they read: “Don’t worry the old hawk won’t fall out of the nest”.

The Soviet codebreakers had been puzzled with the phrase for several years, but never managed to find out want it meant. The mystery was revealed much later. When meeting with Winston Churchill in England, Nikita Khruschev, the Soviet leader, ask the prime minister directly about the sense of that note:

- We made a lot of efforts to guess the meaning of the note. That’s an old deal. And you are the last of the big three. Share the secret.

- Yes, the fly of my trousers was unzipped and Minister Eden wanted to let me know that, and I calmed him down, - replied the Prime Minister with perfect calm.